What does NIE stand for?
NIE stands for Newspaper in Education – and as of 2015, News in Education. The NIE department at the Gazette helps local teachers who want to use the newspaper as a teaching tool in their classrooms. Some NIE teachers teach about the newspaper; some NIE teachers teach with the newspaper. NIE teachers in the United States use the newspaper in their lesson plans not as an extra activity, but as a tool to help them meet the CORE curriculum currently adopted by most states.

NIE is an international program with a long history, probably starting in the United States in the 1930s. Most major newspapers around the world have NIE departments. The general mission of all NIE programs is the same: to help teachers and students who want to learn from the newspaper. Many programs are also involved in local literacy campaigns and classes for English Language Learners. (ELL)

The Daily Hampshire Gazette’s NIE program started in 1987 with a handful of classrooms and sponsors. Today our program involves over 100 schools from the greater Pioneer Valley, over 50 business sponsors, and literally thousands of “vacation donation” sponsors. We have a weekly NIE page for grades K-6 called Kid Scoop, a book review program called Book Buzz, a monthly Student Opinion for grades 5-12, and an opinion page for our youngest students called My Opinion. We also publish serial stories, visit classrooms, and conduct tours of our newspaper facility.

How can a teacher participate in NIE?
Call Laurel Gardner at (413) 585-5309 or email  nie@gazettenet.com. We will set up a print subscription of 10 papers or more, to be delivered to your school,  for as many or as few days a week as you’d like. You must be a teacher in, or a resident of, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

In general, middle and high school teachers opt for Monday through Friday subscriptions, while elementary teachers order just the Wednesday papers, which regularly include Kid Scoop and Book Buzz, and occasionally feature Student Opinion Column (grades 5-8) and My Opinion.(Grades 1-4)

Another way to participate in NIE is to encourage your students to write submissions for Kid Scoop, Book Buzz, Student Opinion, and My Opinion. Send your students’ submissions to NIE, DHG, PO Box 299, Northampton, MA 01061 or email nie@gazettenet.com.

We strive to keep our classroom subscriptions free of charge to all educators in Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

What does NIE sponsorship mean?
Generous local businesses and “vacation donation” subscribers donate money to a fund earmarked exclusively for educational subscriptions. The Daily Hampshire Gazette pays for a portion of each subscription; the remainder comes from the NIE fund. Usually, we have been able to fully sponsor every requested classroom subscription. So, local teachers and schools have not had to spend a dime.

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