Internet Resources for Teachers

Educator and Student Internet Resources

Research Sites

Biographical dictionary

Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit law Dictionary

RhymeZone rhyming dictionary

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Using the newspaper in the classroom

Interactive museum of News

Education – General, Physical, Character

Educator Services

US Department of Education

Massachusetts Dept of Education

The President’s Challenge/ Physical Fitness

Anti-Bullying: Operation Respect

Anti-Bullying: Kids Win

English Language Arts

Starfall Early Learning

Vocabulary building for all ages

My Vocabulary: Puzzles and Games

K-8 Reading Adventures and Contests

Scholastic Books Website

Enchanted Learning Word games and Puzzles

Writing by and for Kids

Authors and Illustrators


Online Math Games

Math Challenges for Families

Interactive Multiplication

Cool Math

Number Sequence Activities


Weather Word Search

Create your own roller coaster

Zoom in and out to see everything from the universe

Optical Illusions

Build and Animate Soda Straw Constructions

Cool Science

Science Vocabulary Game

US Geological Survey site

Social Studies/Geography

National Geographic Educator Homepage

Can your Jamestown colony survive?

Virtual Tour of the White House

Hear famous speeches archived at The History Channel

Comic Strips About Historical Moments

Interactive Geography Quizzes

Teaching Geography to Middle and High School Students

NASA Geographical Materials

Global Positioning System Overview

National Atlas Maps

Study the 50 States

Lesson Plan: Creating a US Map Game

World Resources Institute

Fun & Educational

Editorial Cartoons

Can you beat the computer at 20 questions?

Art and creativity

Games for students; information for educators

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